Vinyl Clings

  • Sizes: 3" x 3", 5 "x 5", 6" x 6",3" x 5", 10" x 3" , 9" x 3"
  • Stocks: Solid Vinyl Stock or Clear Vinyl Stock
  • Die Cut is also Available
  • Full color CMYK /PMS
  • lossy or Matte Lamination available



Width: Height: Length:

Product Description

Have you ever stood at a display window and looked right through the sticker pasted on it and wondered what kind of sticker that is? Well these are vinyl clings and they are a great way of displaying your message without obstructing your vision. As the name suggests, vinyl clings are made of a thin plastic layer called vinyl. Clings made out of this material are semi-permanent and extremely tough to take off once put on. Vinyl clings are weather resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Vinyl clings are capable of sticking to almost any kind of surface given that it is clean and clear of dust particles; these surfaces include glass, wood, plastic etc, etc. The most common places for vinyl clings to be put on are car or truck windows.

A lot of people tend to put them on due to the specific message or statement they deliver about the owner, like interest in fishing or hunting and such. The best thing about vinyl clings is that they tend to add a stunning gloss finish to whatever surface they are pasted on.

A lot of people or companies tend to use them as an effective advertising tool also. All they do is print their companies name, logo and message on the clings and distribute them among the general, public or their specific customers. This is a great way of advertising on a budget.

A lot of companies prefer to have them printed with solid colors also with their name, logo and message displayed on them in contrast making it all visible, but stickers made of vinyl clings look best when printed in opaque.

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