Tuck Boxes

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  • Heat, cold and moisture resistant
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Product Description

Anyone who has a passion for cupcakes or even donuts will be able to identify a tuck top box from miles away. In fact to some people the sight of insignificant cardboard tuck boxes is a sight of joy, because they usually mean that a treat in waiting for them.

So what exactly are these tuck boxes? Tuck boxes are for transporting edibles like confectionary, pizza and other such things. They are made of harder paper bonded together for added strength to hold in freshness, aroma and the sweat of food from the heat.

Tuck boxes are commonly used by retailers dealing in cooked food items; they are also handed out to students in school, college or university cafeterias or in hospital cafeterias. Tuck boxes can be of various sizes, shapes and dimensions. What a customer is looking for is entirely up to them and made possible with the help of a good printer.

The whole process begins with the customer deciding if they would like their tuck boxes to be blank and simple or have their company name, logo and colors on it. In this regard the customer can either come prepared or the printer will provide them with their in-house designer for a free consultation. Once the customer has made up their mind about the type of look they want, it is then time to finalize the design and sent the cardboard for die-cutting and then printing.

Depending on the size, style and dimensions of the tuck box, once it is ready it will either be folded into shape, glued or stapled into what it is supposed to be like.

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