• Size : 1.75" x 5.5", 4" x 6" or any Custom Size
  • 80 lb/100lb Card Stock
  • CMYK/PMS(Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
  • With Sequential Numbering / Perforation
  • Free Shipping and Handling



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Product Description

There is hardly any commercial event where you can enter without buying a ticket first. Tickets are needed for almost every sort of entertainment, whether its for watching a movie at a cinema, a game at a stadium or a concert at some plaza, tickets are needed at all such commercial events. This is why lots of such companies are continuously in the process of having tickets printed and because of the bulk of tickets; they are usually made in the form of custom ticket books.

Now custom made tickets for any special event can also be a great way for other companies supporting the event to advertise their products, services or even just their name. When people buy tickets for an event it is inevitable for them not to look at their tickets and when they do the first thing they will see is the name of the company sponsoring the event or just the cost of printing the tickets on the ticket.

So how does the printing stage of custom tickets for an event begin?
Well to begin with the customer gets the design or layout of the ticket finalized. This means deciding on the size and look of the ticket, whether it will be printed in full color or jus two colors. Pin point the name and logos that need to appear on the ticket and the prices. Any good printer will also provide the facility of printing the bar code on the tickets as well. Next comes the stage of choosing the paper the tickets will be printed on. While it is entirely up to the customer how much they want to spend on the printing of their tickets, but the most common and affordable choice of paper for tickets is 80 lb/100lb Card Stock.

So if you are looking for a reliable company to print tickets for your special event, then log on to VU Printing has been in the business of online printing for long enough to provide you highly satisfactory results at very reasonable prices.

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