Static Clings

  • Sizes: 3" x 3", 5 "x 5", 6" x 6",3" x 5", 10" x 3" , 9" x 3"
  • Stocks: Sticker Paper stock or Vinyl Stock
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  • Custom printed stickers



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Product Description

Want to see the name of your company anywhere and everywhere? You canít possibly buy advertising space all over the country, so how can you make this possible within a limited budget?

Well the answer to this could be simpler than you think. Static clings are perfect for this purpose. How? Well static clings are the idea for quite a few prepuces; firstly they are cheap and cost effective to produce so they wonít cause a huge dent in your existing advertising budget. Secondly, they can be of any size or dimension so customers can have as much information printed on them regarding their company as possible, and thirdly they can withstand extreme conditions and weather so they are long lasting and durable.

Static clings are made of vinyl decals which are basically stickers. Stickers or static clings are made of a thin layer of plastic called Vinyl Decal Film. This film has the capacity of sticking to just about any surface including glass, wood and plastic. A lot of companies also opt for getting static cling for cars made as well. These car stickers can easily be put on company cars and turned into moving billboards. Static cling is weatherproof and adds a stunning gloss finish to whatever it is pasted upon. While some companies tend to have them printed on solid colors with their name, logo and message displayed on them in contrast colors to make them as visible as possible. But these stickers can be printed in opaque as well, with full-color design of name, logo and message on one side and adhesive on the other, but it is entirely up to the customers what they would like.

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