• Size : 11" x 17", 12.75" x 17.25", 18" x 24" , or any Custom Size
  • Stock: 80lb or 100lb Cover Stock / 80lb or 100lb Glossy Text Stock / Vinyl Stock
  • Full color CMYK /PMS
  • Free Shipping and Handling (USA and Canada



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Product Description

Posters are needed at every conceivable place you could visit during the course of a day. Posters are needed by movie companies for the effective publicity of their movies, posters are needed by companies manufacturing different goods for the same reason and posters can even be used by businesses offering services to make them known to their potential customers. Thus posters are an effective and highly visual way of marketing and that is why they are enjoying constant popularity ever since they were first made.

Posters can be printed on almost any material from paper as well as plastic and vinyl. This is because all of these materials are capable of showing off great printing results. Customers can enjoy a vast variety of poster printing options. However, it is all dependent on the quantity of the poster being printed and its size. Customers can select to have their posters printed either digitally or in offset printing in the Quotalator. The print quality is very similar for both options but digital printing can only be done on select size posters. To make the posters more durable, UV Coating is added to their surface for added protection. UV coating will help protect the posters from wear and tear, and adds a lustrous sheen to make the print on the posters pop out.

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