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Product Description

Pocket calendars are an important part of our everyday life, they help remind us of the passing of time and the changing of dates. They are found almost everywhere with just about everyone. Because calendars have such a wide appeal among people, they can be used as a highly effective marketing tool. This is why more and more businesses have made personalized pocket calendars a major part of their annual marketing plans. Each year they print custom pocket calendars which their target market might find attractive and distribute them among customers or businesses frequented by their target audience.

Pocket calendars can be printed in various styles and sizes, it all depends on the specifications of the customer. The kind of paper used for printing pocket calendars is of various types as well, but a few of the most preferred choices amongst customers are; 45lb. zeppelin semigloss double sided, 47lb. premium matte, 50lb. arctic polar luster double sided and 50lb. premium matte double sided.

While it is up to the customer to decide if they want their calendars printed in single color, having them printed in full color is always advisable, since it makes them look all the more attractive and eye catching. In the end they are delivered to the customer with a glossy or matte lamination to increase their durability and finishing.

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