Medicine Boxes

  • Protect drugs from harmful environmental effects
  • Necessary for direct advertising of the drugs
  • Versatile in design and dimensions
  • Cost effective



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Product Description

Pharmaceuticals all over the world spend billions of dollars in the research and manufacturing of medicines which help people deal with various illnesses and recover to full health. But while so much attention is paid to the development of the cure itself, just as much care is paid to the medicine packaging boxes too. This is because without the proper packaging, the medicine might get lost in a crowd of generics and not gain its proper place in the market. This is why pharmaceuticals make sure that their product packaging is up to date with the market trends and sends a clear signal to the consumer about what miraculous cure it can bring about.

So how does a piece of 210gsm paper card turn into the custom paper medicine box of a life saving drug? Well here’s how: to begin with the customer needs to sit with his design team. The design team will first conceptualize the main attributes of the medicine and what benefits it provides to the users. This is how the final design will be made. All the prominent attributes of the drug will be clearly visible on the box, alone with any FDA warning.

The second stage is finalizing the material with which the custom paper medicine box will be made. The material commonly used for medicine packaging is 210gsm paper card with 4C printing. The box will first be die-cut and then sent for off-set printing. This will ready the outer look of the medicine boxes. After this they will be assembled and sent off to the packers. One thing to remember when choosing the ideal material for medicine boxes is that it should be sturdy enough to protect its contents from humidity, moisture and sunlight, since all these elements can hamper the quality and performance of the drug.

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