• Sizes: 8.5" x 5.5", 8.5" x 11" or any Custom Size
  • Full color CMYK /PMS
  • Cover : 80/100lb card stock, 80/100lb text Stock with gloss finish.
  • Inner pages : 80/100lb text Stock with gloss finish.



Width: Height: Length:

Product Description

Manuals are needed for just about anything and everything that needs to be operated, so every company that manufactures some gadget or device needs to have manuals printed. Manuals make life easier for those using gadgets or devices and help them fully understand the dynamics of the machine they have bought. It also helps the company build good will with the customers by letting them know that they care enough for their customers to provide them with guidelines about using their products. It is also a chance for the company to advertise itself and inform the customer of any future deals or similar products coming up.

It is always a good idea to write the manual in as simple a language as possible, since the easier it is for the customer to understand the better image he/she will have of the company itself. If the language used in the manual is too complicated and difficult to understand, it will have no use for the customer and end of the day the customer will not be satisfied with the manual or the company itself. Complicated manuals are a sure shot way of losing future business from a customer.

So to begin with the printing process of a manual, it is always better to thoroughly check the content of your manuals and make sure they are easily understandable and fully comprehensive. The next part is choosing the basic layout and design of the manuals. It is entirely up to the customer what type of design they want on the main page of their manual, will they use their company colors or will they keep it as simple as possible. However, one thing is for sure and that is the company logo, company name, brand name and its details are always printed on some visible part of the manual.

Next comes the part of choosing the material of the manuals. Once the customer has made up their about the paper quality for the manuals, it is time for them to get printed. So if you are looking for a reliable online manual booklet printing company, is the place to go to. VUPrinting is highly experienced in all kinds of printing and manufacturing of paper products and does an excellent job at very reasonable prices.

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