Lip Balm Boxes

  • Customized kraft colored lip balm boxes printing
  • An important tool of marketing your lip balm
  • Necessary for making the product visible in a crowded market
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Convenient for storing product and eye catching



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Product Description

Dry cracked lips can send any man or woman running to buy lip balm. Although lip balm enjoys popularity all year round but it really comes into its element during winter, when the dry cold weather really makes smiling painful. This brings into focus the display packaging of lip balm boxes.

The display packaging of lip balm boxes is important since there are countless brands of lip balm in the market. If your lip balm box packaging is not good or eye catching enough it will simply get lost in the multitude of other brands with much better packaging and display area.

This is why it is important to get your lip balm package printing right. To begin with the designing aspect is of the utmost importance. The design needs to clearly signify what the product is all about. Most lip balms come in various flavors of fruits or food items popular among people, like chocolate, vanilla and so on. This attribute needs to be clearly displayed in the main design, since some customers donít care about the brand as much as they do about the flavor. Other than the flavor, the next thing to be clearly visible is the brand name and brand logo of the lip balm. The ingredients will be printed in fine print on the side and so will the attributes of the product.

The next thing is the manufacturing of the packaging. Lip balm packaging needs to be made of the thickest cardboard so it is durable enough to bear the wear and tear of moving and transportation. They must also be easy to store and easier to put up in any display area. Company representatives are not always present to help out with setting up their exclusive display areas, therefore the packaging needs to be handy enough for any sales person of the store to put it up.

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