Hang Tags

  • Sizes: Rectangle 1.25 x 6.25,Ractangle 1.25 x 2,1.5 x 2.75,
  • Sizes: Rectangle 3 x 1.5,Oval 1.75 x 2.5,Oval 1.40 x 1.81
  • Stocks: Foil Stock, Vinyl Stock
  • Die Cut Available.



Width: Height: Length:

Product Description

Clothes come with various types of hang tags, some are colorfully designed others are simple but offer price and washing instructions about the piece of clothing they are attached to. But whatever purpose they serve, hang tags help set the tone of a brand and what it represents. Companies may use them for explaining the philosophy of their brand, price of the clothing or just simple instructions about how to care for that particular piece of clothing. But this is something which will remain in the consumers mind and possession for a long time so it is important to make the most this opportunity and make the tag as fabulous as possible.

There are number of things one can do you can either take a highly popular or controversial piece of art or let it represent your brand to grab as much attention as possible. You can also just use your own designs or your company colors and logo. Next comes the stage of choosing the material of the hangtags. Although the most commonly known are cardboard hang tags, but hang tags can be of many types; some made of plastic, some of cloth and some of paper or cardboard.

Cardboard seems to be the most common and affordable choice though and for this reason companies usually choose vinyl stock or foil stock. Customers can also choose to have whatever texture they would like their hang tags to have, from recycled paper to UV coated, high gloss or matte finish.

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