Glossy Presentation Folders

  • Made of the sturdiest paper for durability and utility
  • Coated with a glossy sheet to withstand wear and tear
  • Adaptable to any design or dimension of choice
  • An effective direct marketing tool for budget events



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Product Description

Glossy presentation folders might come across as the underdog of all direct marketing tools, but the truth is that they hold an extremely important position is this league. Unlike what most people think, glossy presentation folders are not just for holding loose paper. In fact due to their attractive design and utility, people tend to retain them as a useful souvenir, thus helping the company to maintain its foothold in their memories.

But to have custom glossy presentation folders made, there are a few things which need to be taken under consideration: One of the foremost things to consider about a custom glossy presentation folder is its size. The standard size is 912, but it is entirely up to the customer to decide what size and dimension best suites his need. Customers can also have features like inside pockets on the panels, for keeping business cards or CDs of their presentation. The next thing to consider is the design. If the glossy presentation folder is going to be used as a marketing tool, then it needs to have the company name and logo clearly printed on the cover. Image of the company premises along with the company motto is also a great design choice for a presentation folder.

And last but not the least to be considered is the material used for making glossy presentation folders. Presentation folders are made of the heaviest stock paper so as to make them as long lasting as possible. Good printers make glossy folders on 12 Point Stock paper, which is almost three times thicker than normal paper. They are usually coated with a thin glossy coating which helps give them a glossy yet professional look and also prevents the printing from fading.

However, in order to get professional perfection in your glossy presentation folders, you need to have them printer by someone who know what they are doing. One such company is the, an online printing company that has enough experience to not just do the job right but also guide you towards better option.

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