Glossy Pocket Folders

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  • Adaptable according to use and design
  • Made of the sturdiest material to last longer
  • A highly effective direct marketing tool
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Product Description

If anyone started looking around their home or office, chances are they will come across a glossy pocket folder or two. They would still have the company name and logo perfectly printed on the cover and some publicity content on the inside. This is how amazing pocket folders are at reminding people of a certain event or company workshop, long after the event or workshop is over and done with. The people holding on to such marketing merchandise usually pick them up because they are being offered and could come in handy in future for storing away documents. What they fail to realize is that in a very subtle way the company is helping retain its identity in their memory.

This is why every commercial establishment, organization or company includes custom glossy pocket folders in their arsenal of direct marketing tools. Custom glossy pocket folders are a great way of presenting a particular business services, business plans or products in a highly professional way. Companies usually hand them as souvenirs at trade fairs, workshops or seminars to help their target market retain their identity.

Generally, glossy folders have a standard size of 9 by 12 inches and have one or more 4-inch deep pockets on the inside. These pockets come in handy for a number of reasons. The sponsor company can insert its business card in them, or insert a demo DVD or CD of their projects or docu-mercials, to be viewed later.

The best thing about custom glossy folders printing is that it turns a completely ordinary piece of paper into something so attractive and useful that the people consider it worth holding on to. Usually a glossy folder is made out of a 100 lb to 120 lb card, since it is one of the heaviest stock and thus ideal for making something as long lasting as a glossy folder. However, customers have the freedom to make it as attractive and colorful as they like by using the glossy folder printing technique. Thanks to this the folders can be made out with a huge variety of textures and laminate surfaces.

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