Custom Folders

  • Size: 9.5" x 14.5", 6" x 9", 12" x 9"
  • Stock: 12 pt. Card (CS1)/100lb cover card stock, 14 pt. Card
  • Die-cut and embossing available.
  • Free Shipping and Handling (Within USA and Canada)



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Product Description

Custom folders are needed in almost every walk of life. They are used primarily for storing important documents and are popular in offices of every kind, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals etc. Companies or organizations usually prefer to have folders printed with their names and logo on them so that they are distinguished anywhere. Most even prefer to have them printed in their corporate colors for added recall power and publicity. Custom folders are also frequently used for company publicity, with the companies name, logo and corporate tagline printed on them and given to customers as free giveaways.

The first step towards getting your own custom folders made is to sit with a designer and decide on what will be printed inside and outside of the folders. Most designers will give you lots of attractive design options in bright and vivid colors, but it is entirely up to the customer if they want to use their corporate design or colors on the folders.

The normal standard size of a folder is 9" x 12”, but a good printer will make custom folders of any size according to the customers’ specifications with the help of die cutting. Customers can also choose if they want to have printing only on the outside of the folders or inside as well. The option of having pockets on one or both sides of the folder for holding other printed marketing materials should also be considered. These pockets can have dividers or slits for holding business cards or mini-CD or DVD’s if needed. Customers can also have the option of having their custom folders coated with aqueous, the special PMS or metallic inks can be used for making the folders even more attractive and a protective coating of UV will make the custom folders even more durable and long lasting.

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