Custom Boxes

  • Custom Boxes Available in All STYLES and CUSTOM SIZES.
  • Matte/gloss lamination or UV finish on Custom Boxes, Free of cost.
  • Ease of seeing 3D images of what the finished product will look like
  • Free Shipping and Handling.



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Product Description

Custom boxes can be used for a number of reasons, gift giving, storage or presenting premium quality products in a more creative way. This is why designing, printing and manufacturing custom boxes is becoming more and more complicated and professional.

The Process of making a custom box begins with first creating a design. This is done after making a detailed analysis of what the box will be used for. A good designer will always encourage customers to be more daring and innovative. A good design needs to be made by a professional graphic designer and if the box will be used for product display, it must include all the information regarding the product.

Structural Design
The next step is creating the structural design of the custom boxes. It is important at this stage that the printer guides the customer towards choosing the materials which will complement the manufacturing process.

At this stage, the customer can be shown 3D images of what each style, design or dimension of any particular box will look like on completion. It is also important to keep a close eye on the over all cost of custom boxes, including the shipping expenses.

Next is the custom box printing process. A good printing house will offer you a number of choices, from simple one color printing to a more vivid five color printing with UV coating.

The design to be printed on the box is completely up to the customerís choice, but it is important to keep in mind that the material of the box is able to bring out the best if each design.

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