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Product Description

If you are in the business of selling products, then apart from having a fool proof marketing plan, you also need a place that will prominently display your products. However, the world today is one of consumerism and probably hundred other companies must be producing the same product you are too. Therefore you need to find an edge in a market full of similar products which will set it apart from all others. That edge is hidden in the packaging and display of that product. Being able to display your product prominently and directly within the line of vision of your target audience could set you apart from all your competitors. Counter display boxes are different from a productís regular packaging. Display boxes are bigger and capable of holding more than one piece of packaging in them. They are colorful product boxes screaming for the customerís attention, placed at the most prominent places in retail stores and outlets.

So hereís how a display box takes shape. To begin with you need to decide upon the boldest design display on the box. Also have as many product attributes displayed on it as possible and make it colorful and vibrant. You will need to sit with a designer to finalize the design details of the display boxes. Counter display boxes are generally manufactured from smooth paper or cards, preferably without the use of staple and tape. In spite of this, they are still quite sturdy and can be used for a number of purposes later on as well.

Customers also have the option of getting them made from premium stock of papers or cards of or, or cardstock of 100lb or 120lb. a good printer will offer you the advantage of full color CMYK or PMS printing process. Whether you want to have them UV coated or not is entirely up to you.

But for something so magnificent and done so professionally, you need a seasoned printer like the VUPrinting is an online printing house that excels in making paper based products in bulk at reasonable rates. So go for the best choose for your most important printing needs.

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