Bin Boxes

  • Bin Boxes Available in All STYLES and CUSTOM SIZES.
  • Matte/gloss lamination or UV finish on Custom Boxes, Free of cost.
  • Full color printed Bin Boxes with your artwork/ graphics on required material.
  • Free Shipping and Handling (Within USA and Canada)



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Product Description

Open top bin boxes come in handy for storage purposes almost everywhere. Most of the time people in offices tend to store files or other documents in them, they can also be used for keeping office supplies. At home they are used for storing shoes, jewelry items, toys and other such nick knacks. The point of the matter is that bin boxes are extremely useful for storage purposes as well as giving gifts in and packaging.

The material used for making cardboard bin boxes is usually white corrugated cardboard. This material comes with a clean, attractive, finish and boxes can be made in almost any shape or dimensions. Remember, a good printing house can make many types of corrugated bin boxes according to the customers requirement, such as custom printed bin boxes, corrugated bin boxes, cardboard bin boxes, storage bins and even plastic bin boxes. Bin boxes can be made attractive with add-on like embossing, sand effect, foil stamping and spot lamination. The option of having bin boxes with matte/gloss lamination or UV finish is also available. The printing done on these boxes is mostly full color with customer specified artwork and graphics on the top.

A good printing house will also print barcodes and aqueous effect if requested by the customer. If you would like to have custom bin boxes made for you then is the printing house for you. VUPrinting provides all kinds of printing services at highly affordable rates along with numerous complimentary services.
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